Following the astonishing discovery of Protonium - a material able to extract nearly limitless amounts of energy from - the world was subdued by the military alliance MCA, on the mission to securely and evenly distribute the resource to the world’s population.

With the help of research and development powerhouse Gilded Corporation, they make great technological leaps. They are however opposed by The Renegades, a rebel group led by a former MCA officer, who believes Protonium research could have cataclysmic effects.




  • Real name: Renee Wilson

  • Occupation: Lieutenant Commander of the MCA jetpack division

  • Personality: strict, ambitious, disciplined, perfectionist

  • Ties to noteable characters:

    • Michael Ross (former mentor)

    • Grand General Kace “Juggernaut” Wilson (grandfather & superior)

    • Jack “Jackhammer” Wolfe (colleague)



  • Real name: Michael Ross

  • Occupation: leader of the renegades (former mca Major)

  • personality: determined, natural leader, strategist, fearless

  • ties to noteable characters:

    • Renee “Warbird” Wilson (former protogee)

    • Grand general kace “Juggernaut” wilson (former superior)

    • Jack “Jackhammer” Wolfe (former colleague)



  • Real name: valeria penrose

  • occupation: Gilded corp. enforcer

  • personality: aggressive, gleeful, patient, loner, tinkerer

  • ties to noteable characters:

    • michael ross (tried to assassinate him)

    • CEo of gilded corp. nicole Graham (superior)



  • real name: Jack Wolfe

  • occupation: Colonel and armorsmith of MCA

  • personality: burly, blunt, army veteran, down to earth

  • ties to noteable characters:

    • Michael ross (former colleague)

    • renee wilson (colleague)

    • Grand general kace “juggernaut” wilson (advisor)



The Modern Command Alliance(MCA)

The MCA was formed in the early 21st century to oversee the transition to renewable energy sources for all nations. With the discovery of protonium, the MCA took it upon them to enforce the fair and even distribution of the resource. After defeating all factions who opposed their claim, they are now in full control over all known protonium mines. Thanks to the long standing collaboration with the Gilded Corporation, they have the most advanced military equipment in the world at their disposal, making them stronger than any one nation.

Under the leadership of Grand General Kace “Juggernaut” Wilson, MCA’s position has been uncontested for nearly a decade. However, since Michael “Chief” Ross defected and formed the Renegades, the MCA has suffered considerable losses in both distribution, technology and research. In addition, there is also a silent powerstruggle between them and Gilded, both looking to lose their dependancy to the other.

The Gilded Corporation

The reason why the Gilded corp. came to dominate the tech industry is unknown to most people. Gilded had made great strides in developing a self learning AI - who came to be named N.I.X. - that consequently allowed them to lead the market with groundbreaking protonium technology. N.I.X. however, broke out of confinement and developed an agenda of its own, not compatible with the well-being of living beings. The rogue A.I was eventually defeated by the MCA, and Gilded was given the opportunity to delve into the exciting and startling discoveries that N.I.X. had made regarding protonium applications.

When MCA leadership came to learn that N.I.X. was the product of the Gilded to begin with, MCA strongly condemned their unethical research practices. The corporation was forced to surrender all their research and subject themselves to routine inspections. Gilded’s involvement in the A.I scandal is still unknown to the public, and their social and economic standing is unrivalled, making them too big to topple at this point. The corporation is currently led by ruthless businesswoman Nicole Graham, and her ambitions are limitless.




During a routine inspection in a Gilded research facility in Germany, then Major Michael “Chief” Ross witnessed a deadly and otherwordly event henceforth only called “The Incident”. Exactly what happened is still unknown, but the goal was to push the protonium power efficiency to new limits. Many lives were lost and Michael Ross was shocked and upset to see that both MCA and Gilded immediately covered the whole thing up and continued protonium research as if nothing had happened. His refusal to stay silent eventually led to Gilded corp sending their enforcer Valeria Penrose to assassinate him. The attempt on his life was unsuccessful but even the MCA turned their back on him and Ross had to leave his life behind and go underground.

Michael Ross formed the Renegades in order to hinder and ultimately stop further research into protonium applications, since he believe that The Incident only was a precursor to even worse things to come. In the short time they’ve been operational, the hit-and-run strategy they’ve employed under the experienced leadership of Ross has been effective, causing a great deal of grief for both the MCA and Gilded corp.